Hey there!

A bit about me...

I'm Giovanni! I'm a young, fresh freelance developer. I'm a determined problem-solver who loves to make things that work and are helpful to people. While I love programming for all kinds of applications, my passion is game development. I dream of making a well-constructed game with heart that will leave an impact on people. I'm also a musician who enjoys playing many instruments and writing music, and I wish I was a skateboarder, but time does not allow for it.

What I do

Here are some of the services I offer:

  • I build and design websites.
  • I develop the backend for websites.
  • I create mobile applications.
  • I develop desktop and mobile games.
  • I build software.

If you're needing something done that is within or related to these categories, feel free to contact me at giovanni@giodev.org