Team Of Mentors

WordPress, HTML/CSS, JavaScript

(02/28/2018 - 03/01/2018)

This a website that I was asked to clone the style from this page. With a combination of WordPress CMS tools and custom HTML/CSS/JavaScript, I did so that fully met the client's desires and expectations. I also built the payment page and added Google Analytics tracking within the website.



(11/23/2017 - Present)

This website that you're looking at right now. WOAH NEW STUFF.

Bernardo's Training

WordPress, PHP, HTML/CSS

(11/21/2017 - Present)

This is the website for Bernardo's Training that I worked on. In it refilled the landing page with the client's new desired content by creating a child theme and modifying the code directly, and I made it mobile-friendly as well.

I added the functionality to allow users to access a video on a separate web page if they enter in their email, which adds their email to a list in an emailing platform, which was originally MailChimp but now it's ConvertKit. The page containing the video does not allow the user unless they entered their email on the landing page with backend authentication with PHP.

It is still an ongoing project whenever it needs more work done.

Client Feedback: "Giovanni was awesome! Ill use him again!" - Matthew Bernardo

Argento Ventures


(11/08/2017 - Present)

This is a Squarespace website I've done some work on for Argento Ventures. I just did some page addition and page modification with the Squarespace web builder.

This is a project that I still do work on when the client needs.

Temple Beit Chadash

Squarespace, HTML/CSS

(01/24/2017 - Present)

This is a website I built for the congregation Temple Beit Chadash using Sqaurespace. I built by customizing the chosen template, and also supplemented custom HTML and CSS code when it was needed.

I still do work on this website whenever it is needed.

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